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Frogwood Renovations Inc. Our years of versitile experience puts us as leaders in premium, efficient and effective Whistler renovation projects. We will manage your renovation, provide easy to understand transparent billing, and execute the realization of your renovation plans with the highest quality finish.

Q: Why Choose Frogwood?

A: High Quality Transparent Renovations in Whistler Since 1995, plus in-house custom cabinets and woodworking.

In the beginning: Frogwood Renovations Incorporated formerly Frogwood Enterprises was started in 1995 by Stephane Delage who founded the company as a sole proprietorship to offer high-end finishing woodwork. Operating from the his home in Black Tusk Village 15 minutes South of Whistler, Frogwood offered carpentry services in the Whistler area, specializing in the finishing of custom homes and offering a wide variety of specialized services. The 600 square foot shop at the time was a fully tooled to carryout custom cabinets, special order moldings, wood finishing and the manufacturing of custom millwork. Frogwood set itself apart from freelance finishing carpenters by offering these extra services promptly by a team of Artisans dedicated to precision and quality. Frogwood’s success is in large part due to its ability to supply high quality custom work on short notice, everything a project requires. The decision to keep Frogwood a small outfit with a hands-on approach was intentional right from the start in order to maintain control of quality and keep on top of its commitment to timely service.

 In the middle years: Later, as Whistler neared build-out and saw a reduction in the need for extensive millwork projects, Frogwood’s direction started to change to include the management of smaller renovation projects. At that point, Whistler’s real estate inventory found itself with many one-to-three-bedroom condominiums needing renovations. Originally built by real estate developers these units now needed upgrades to meet their owners’ changing needs, Frogwood Renovations is born.

Today: Frogwood’s has evolved into a full-service renovation service with the ability to quickly turn around renovation projects with a crew of very qualified versatile workers, each of which has a wide variety of skills to bring a project to completion efficiently.  In Whistler’s current economic climate where sub-trades are booked months in advance, this business model is crucial in its ability to carry out renovation projects in an efficient manner.  Our crew is capable of carrying out work usually done by many sub-trades cutting down on idle time while allowing different types of work to be carried out simultaneously on the same job site.

Over Frogwood’s history in Whistler, we have established a network of loyal sub-trades such as electricians and plumbers as well as painters, dry waller’s, cabinet makers, tile setters and a wide variety of resources who can be called on a short notice when needed.

Frogwood’s roots in millwork and cabinetmaking is still very much part of what we do today and now based right in Whistler, our woodworking shop allows us to produce custom cabinets, furniture and woodwork allowing us to realize all aspects of a renovation project with efficiency, effectiveness, and high custom quality.

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Written by: Stephane Delage


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